Beauty & Spa
Silky skin
Classical cosmetics
Using the Gertraud Gruber technique. Cleaning, Peeling, packing, individually and perfectly suited to your skin Image. The unique product range enables us to use the perfect combination of ingredients for every skin type. With eyebrow shaping and massage.
60 Min. - 79
Hydro Wellness Plus
You will be delighted with this skin-toning method and its lifting effect: Natural products based on algae in combination with a specially developed relaxation massage moisturise and rejuvenate your skin in a natural way. Ideal after sunbathing.
75 Min. - 93
Classic Cosmetics for Men
Especially for male skin. As men naturally have more robust skin and larger pores, and also tend to have a higher sebaceous gland density and more impurities, the correct care can do a lot of good. In addition, shaving daily and applying aftershave that contains alcohol are extremely hard on the skin. Our male care significantly reduces the irritation level and provides gentle care for the not-so-gentle sex.
60 Min. - 79
Bella Donna

Facial treatment
Manicure with varnish
Pedicure with varnish
Back massage

60 Min. - 212
Beautiful eyes
Eyelash colouring € 18
Eyebrow colouring € 15
Eyebrow and eyelash colouring € 30
Eyebrow forming € 15
Perfect nails
Manicure without varnish € 45  
Manicure with peeling and paraffin hand poultice € 64 
Pedicure without varnish € 50 
Pedicure with peeling and foot poultice € 66 
with varnish +€ 10 
with permanent UV-varnish +€ 20

Depilation of legs to knee € 25 
Depilation of Bikini zone or underarm € 18
Depilation of full legs € 36 
Depilation of upper lip € 11 
Depilation back o chest for him € 30 
Classic massages
Relaxing full body massage 50 min. - € 69
Head neck massage with warm aroma oil 30 min. - € 44
Relaxing leg massage 25 min. - € 40
Foot massage of the reflex zones 25 Min. - € 40
Sports massage with arnica oil 45 min. - € 72
Sassi del Vulcano: Hot Stone
This application originates in ancient cultures and offers full relaxation at the physical, mental and spiritual level. Tensions are relaxed and released.

60 min - € 78
80 min - € 105
80 Min. - 99
Method Ayurasan® Body
The treatment begins with "Garshan", a gentle dry massage peeling method using a special raw silk glow.  With circular movements dead skin cells are removed and the blood circulation is invigorated The skin is then able to absorb the active substances of the Ayurasan body oil which is distributed via the vital Abhyanga massage. It stimulates the bio-energetic marma vital points throughout the whole body.
70 Min. - 82
Simply let go

Two extraordinary days of pampering
1st day: Ayurasan body
2nd day: Ayurasan face, neck and décolletage
Our gift to you: an exclusive, ayurvedic body balm

Bacherhof Harmony

Foot massage with arnica,
head and face massage (head massage with arnica tonic, face massage with St. John’s wort),
relaxation massage with almond oil and steam-heated herb pouches.

80 min. - € 99
70 min. - € 87

70 Min. - 87
Alpienne body salt wrap
A relaxing and warming foot bath followed by reflex zone massage with a herbal balm. This is followed by a harmonising abdominal massage and body bandaging with a herbal & salt wrap for deacidification, detoxification and purification.
80 Min. - 92
Brush massage
The brush massage stimulates venous and lymphatic flow. In the muscles it relieves minor tensions. The treatment can stimulate the liver, kidneys and gut through nerve connections that reach from the skin via the spinal cord to the internal organs. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the metabolism.
The circulation to the skin is improved by the gentle stroking of the brush.
Dead flakes of skin are loosened; the skin is able to regenerate itself more easily and remains elastic.

45 Min. - 65
Body perfect package

Detox time
day 1: brushing massage
day 2: seaweed wrap
day 3: lymphatic drainage massage 50 min.
day 4: alpienne body salt wrap

Dolce Vita
For him or her
Head neck massage
Foot massage of the reflex zones
55 Min. - 79
Honey massage
The honey massage uses the power of hot honey on the back The special tapping technique transports waste products and toxins to the surface. The back is then purified with hot compresses and the whole body treated to a relaxing oleation. The skin appears soft and smooth, and the muscles are well-perfused and relaxed.
50 Min. - 65
Lymphatic drainage massage
50 Min. - 69
Recharge your batteries
Lomi Lomi Nui

The Hawaiian Temple Massage
Not only does a Lomi massage help with relaxation, it also provides physical, emotional and mental purification according to your needs. The Huna concept of health and illness is similar to that of traditional Chinese medicine, in that energy (mana) flows in a healthy body, whilst illnesses cause blockages that manifest physically as tension. Massage is intended to relieve those blockages on a physical and emotional level and restore the harmony of body, mind and soul.

80 Min. - 105
Singing bowl treatment
25 Min. - 35
Herbal stamp massage
Through gentle massage movements, the hot herbal pouches have a purifying and nurturing effect on your skin. Let us spirit you away to a magical world of scent where you can experience deep relaxation.
50 Min. - 72
Healthy back
Back massage
Massage with warm marmot oil
25 Min. - 42
alpienne Active

Treat yourself to a pleasant break With an intensive back and neck massage with hot marmot oil. With the ancient cupping technique that follows, tensions are relieved in a targeted way, the circulation is stimulated and back pains alleviated.

60 Min. - 82
Dorn Method
With the Dorn method, the spine and joints can be gently treated and incorrectly positioned vertebra can be returned to the right position with a press of the thumb, without damaging tendons, ligaments or muscles.
Dorn Method and Breuss
80 min. - € 105
50 Min. - 74

with St John's Wort oil
The Breuss massage is a delicate, energizing manual back massage that can release spiritual, energy and physical tensions. The Breuss massage initiates the regeneration of undernourished spinal discs; it is the key to solving many problems in the musculoskeletal system, especially in the sacral area.

30 min. - € 44

Dorn Method and Breus
80 min. - € 105
30 Min. - 44
Back fitness

Warming moss wrap with Breuss massage,
lpienne Active treatment

Sportsmen package

Refreshing, stimulating - ideal for demanding days

Meransen hay pack,
Sports massage with arnica specially for back and legs, 45 min.

Comforting warmth
Full body peeling
with honey or sea salt-aloe vera
20 Min. - 37
40 Min. - 42
Patrizia's evening primrose oil pack
Soothing treatment for sensitive, dry and irritated skin
40 Min. - 42
Warming mut pack poultice
The special ingredients found in the highland bogs make the classical mud poultice the outstanding therapy for rheumatic complaints and tensions. Anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming, it will stimulate the blood circulation, relax the muscles and reduce cramps.
40 Min. - 42
Seaweed wrap

Pure, natural powdered seaweed has a purifying and deacidifying effect whilst enhancing the circulation and stimulating the metabolism.

40 Min. - 42
Couple treatments
Relax for two
Curative pack in the Floating Coach,
back massage with warm aromatic oil,
relaxing moments in a cosy atmosphere with a small surprise
Sensuality for two
Foot massage of the reflex zones,
singing bowl treatment,
relaxing moments in a cosy atmosphere with a small surprise
Essential Oils Couples Treatment
Harmonious simultaneous massage for two in an atmospheric ambience, enveloped in fine aromas,
relaxing moments in a cosy atmosphere with a small surprise
Kids SPA
Little princess 30 min. - € 38
Facial Treatment for kids with soft massage

Kids massage 25 min. - € 34
Full body massage with warm aroma oils

Fairy magic 30 Min. - € 30
Fairy design for finger and toe nails, varnish, sticker and glitter
Coins available at the reception desk
15 Min. - 20
Via Huber 16
I-39037 Maranza
South Tyrol
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