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KategorieLomi Lomi Nui

The Hawaiian Temple Massage
Not only does a Lomi massage help with relaxation, it also provides physical, emotional and mental purification according to your needs. The Huna concept of health and illness is similar to that of traditional Chinese medicine, in that energy (mana) flows in a healthy body, whilst illnesses cause blockages that manifest physically as tension. Massage is intended to relieve those blockages on a physical and emotional level and restore the harmony of body, mind and soul.

80 min. - € 93

Shiatsu has noticeable effects on your overall health. You will feel peaceful, relaxed and renewed. Practised hands will return your body to equilibrium with the careful application of power. Efficient pressure, stretching and mobilisation techniques as well as structural decompression stimulate the flow of energy in the body. Blockages, which, for example, make themselves noticed as tension in the body, are relieved. Comfortable clothing recommended.

45 min. - € 65 or 75 min. - € 98
KategorieSinging bowl treatment
50 min. - € 52 or 25 min. - € 32
KategorieHerbal ball massage

Through gentle massage movements the hot herbal balls have a purifying and nurturing effect on your skin. Let us spirit you away to a magical world of scent where you can experience deep relaxation.

50 min. - € 65
KategorieEnergy package
day 1: Lomi Lomi Nui
day 2: singing bowl treatment, 50 min.
day 3: Shiatsu, 45 min.
€ 177 instead of € 196
KategorieTwo for one
The oppurtunity to experience of a unic relax feeling with the 4 hands massage
€ 85 instead of € 95
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