KategorieHoney massage

The honey massage uses the power of hot honey on the back The special tapping technique transports waste products and toxins to the surface. The back is then purified with hot compresses and the whole body treated to a relaxing oleation. The skin appears soft and smooth, and the muscles are well-perfused and relaxed.

45 min. - € 55
KategorieLymph drainage
50 min. - € 62
KategorieAlpienne body salt wrap

A relaxing and warming foot bath followed by reflex zone massage with a herbal balm. This is followed by a harmonising abdominal massage and body bandaging with a herbal & salt wrap for deacidification, detoxification and purification.

80 min. - € 82
KategorieBrush massage

The brush massage stimulates venous and lymphatic flow. In the muscles it relieves minor tensions. The treatment can stimulate the liver, kidneys and gut through nerve connections that reach from the skin via the spinal cord to the internal organs. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the metabolism.
The circulation to the skin is improved by the gentle stroking of the brush.
Dead flakes of skin are loosened; the skin is able to regenerate itself more easily and remains elastic.

45 min. – € 52
KategorieBody perfect package

Detox time
day 1: Brushing massage
day 2: Seaweed wrap
day 3: Lymph drainage 50 min.
day 4: Alpienne body salt wrap

€ 216 instead of € 240
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